Submit Products™ DIY Service Beginner's Guide

What is Submit Products™?
You may upload your products onto online market in 4 simples steps:
  • Step 1.
    Create an account and fill in your contact information.
    (The system will automatically send an email to your registered email account.)
  • Step 2.
    Fill in your company information and all other related information.
  • Step 3.
    Fill in your main product information (at least one)
  • Step 4.
    Submit your account for first phase inspection.(Only first time user needs to go through the initial inspection.)
Once your submission passes our inspection, your website will officially join and become searchable to potential buyers.
How do I modify my company/product information?
Free Member Silver Member Golden Member
Free member has free accessto our web interface for some limited modifications. If you need to upload more company/product informations we welcome you to join our paid membership.
Once you upgraded to our Silver Membership, we will provide you with a new set of account ID and password to login into our online data management system which will allow you to make unlimited modifications any time in the year. If you forgot your password please contact us. Once you upgraded to our Golden Membership, we will provide you with a new set of account ID and password to login into our online data management system which will allow you to make unlimited modifications any time in the year. provides many special marketing tools to our Golden member. If you forgot your password pleasecontact us.
How do I become a basic (free) member?
Please Read before you start.

1. Create an account
  1. Set up the account ID, password, and contact information.
  2. The system will send out a confirmation mail to your registered email address.
  3. Open the confirmation email and proceed to the next step by following the instruction on the mail.
  4. Activate your account. (You may now begin to use Submit Products™ service).
2. Log into the System
  1. Use your account ID and password to log into the system. If you forgot your login information, you may reset your password through the system.
  2. For the convenience of the User we also provide interfaces in other languages. You may select your preferable language at the login page.
※Changing the interface language will not change the final language display. (Even if you use Traditional Chinese interface you still need to fill in all the information in English as the final display will be in English.)
※If you wish to change the interface language please login to theService Menu.
3. Service Menu
You may upload information, modify information, check inquiry, and change interface language at this page.
  1. Company page: This page is where you may introduce your company. It is recommended that you prepare the information first before you proceed.
  2. Product Page:Fill in you product information. Basic member may upload up to 8 product pages. Everytime you finish a product page, remember to “Save” you page before proceeding to the next page. You may also click “Preview” to view they layout of your page once it is successfully posted. A product picture is required for each product page, it is recommended that you prepare the product picture before proceed.
  3. You need to submit at least one product, your submission will not passed the inspection if you do not have at least one product page. If you wish to add more product, please click the“Add Product”button.
  4. Submit your data for first phase of inspection:Only first time user or those who haven’t pass the first phase inspection will have this option.
    ※ Your page(s) will not be posted if you do not finish this stop.
  5. Check Inquiry:This function allows you to check for incoming inquiries(You will not have this option if you have not passed the second phase of the inspection)
  6. Upload products in other language:if you have need to upload your product in another language, you may switch to other language at the Submit Products portal.
4. Inspection Phases
Since everyday, we have hundreds of users entering this site to edit their own companies' product pages, we hire professinal staff to check these webpages' data one by one for maintaining content qulaity of them.
There are two phases to’s inspection process:
  • First Phase - after you submitted your basic information; company information and at least one product page. You will receive a notification within 24 hours that says your website is online, which means you have passed the first phase of the inspection. The system will automatically send your data for the second phase inspection.
  • Second Phase - will be done by professionals. Your data will only be included in Allproducts Search Engine after you passed the second phase inspection. The processing time for the second phase inspection varies on the number of submissions we received. Please wait patiently.
During the inspection process, we will notify you if there is any modification is required.
5. Note:
  1. To control the quality of our website, reserves the right to the final editing, posting of your submission. In some special cases, may request for more information from the User.
  2. If this is your first time login, a “confirm and submit” button will appear at the service menu. Once it’s clicked will assume you have authorized to inspect, edit, browse the information you submitted and that all information is correct.
  3. Once you confirm the posting of your submission you may browse your information online.
  4. You may come back to Submit Products™ system at anytime and modify or add more information. Your information will eventually appear in search result after confirmation process.